Sparrow släppte i dag en uppdatering till Mac. Största nyheten är stöd för POP-konton, men min favorit är i alla fall  “Inbox Zero” när det inte finns några inkomna mail.

Nyheter i version 1.6

New features:

  • POP support
  • Esc on Quick Reply saves as draft
  • Empty spam
  • Unified inbox shows starred, sent, drafts,
  • Inbox zero message
  • Composer: tab toggle now works for selecting the sending account
  • Pull to refresh updates list of starred messages / unread messages / priority messages
  • Shift-cmd-option-M toggles Extended Sidebar
  • App startup time improvement

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed avatar behavior (thanks to Ellis Hamburger)
  • Improved charset decoding
  • Remove flickering when message list is empty
  • Fixed scrollers behavior in sidebar
  • Random scroll in the list when switching folder
  • Parsing issue with Asana mail
  • Periodical log clean up
  • Improved contacts synchronization from Gmail
  • Draft icon aligment in conversation view
  • Refresh folders list periodically
  • Avoid marking conversations as read automatically when it was previously selected and mailbox is empty
  • Handle additional international subject reply and forward prefix