Det är inte många rykten om en iPad Pro med större skärm, men det har inte hindrat CURVED/Labs från att ta fram detta koncept.

● The iPad Pro design is pretty close to its siblings, the iPad mini Retina and iPad Air. Curved corners and a flat back. Sound is provided from speakers that are placed left and right from the Lightning connector.

● Touch ID is integrated in the saphire glass protected home button, which was introduced for iPhone 5s.

● The screen is 12.9 inch wide and has a 4K-solution with 3,072×2,304 pixels (298 ppi), using LED-backlights and IPS-technology.

● Even though it’s wider, it’s still as thin as the iPad Air: 7.5 mm.

● The bigger screen with more pixels requires an A8 chipset with 64-bit-architecture.

● Apps for the iPad Air are shown optimized by the iPad Pro. Dedicated apps – labelled with “Pro” – use the higher resolution and performance of the all new iPad Pro.

● New pencils may fully employ all the features like pressure sensitivity. But don’t hold your breath for a multi button pen made by Apple.