9to5Mac har kommit över dokument som beskriver hur Apples säljare skall sälja in Apple Watch till oss.

What does your customers already know?
Listen for cues that reveal what they care about. Then highlight the ways Apple Watch will add value to their life.
● What interests you most about Apple Watch?
● How do you see yourself using Apple Watch?
● Tell me about who this is for – is it for yourself or someone else? Is there a special occasion?

Is their iPhone compatible (iPhone 5 or later)?
If not, position the benefits of upgrading to one that is. Discover what they love about their iPhone now. Then highlight how Apple Watch would enhance that experience.
● Tell me about how you use your iPhone.
● Do you have a favorite feature of iOS 8?
● Do you use any health or fitness apps on your iPhone?
Encourage customers who don’t use iPhone to switch now so they’re ready for Apple Watch later.

What’s their personal style?
Discover your customer’s needs, tastes, and material preferences.
● Are you looking for a watch that’s more casual or formal?
● Would you like additional bands to suit different occasions?
● Do you prefer metal or leather bands?