Hello My Name Is Vladimir

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Skotska bryggeriet BrewDog lanserade idag en ny IPA kallad Hello My Name Is Vladimir med en väldigt tydlig känga åt Ryssland och dess anti-gay lagar.
BrewDog sjävla säger att 50% av intäckterna skall gå till hjälporganisationer runt om i världen som jobbat för minoriteter.
Hello My Name Is Vladimir finns till försäljning i BrewDogs webshop, men det är osäkert om vi kommmer få se flaskorna på systembolaget här i Sverige.

Hello My Name Is Vladimir is our tongue-in-cheek, limonnik berry infused double IPA. It is the latest in our Hello My Name Is… series, but rather than continue our Scandinavian journey, we’ve travelled east to Russia, to poke fun at uber-hetero Vladimir Putin.

This beer is our first foray into controversy with a cause greater than our own. An ironic beer, but one backed upm with some serious flavours.

On the nose there’s a huge explosion of audacious liberally- minded US hops, against a robust yet elegant malt backdrop.

Flavours of malt sweetness and a touch of acidic berry sharpness combine and give way to an avalanche of lightly toasted, fruity blueberry muffin malitiness, followed by a rush of piney resinous US hops to the sides of palate.

The piece de resistance; a mind-bogglingly bitter, yet tongue- twisting tart finish, with both flavour profiles fighting it out to see who will last the longest. The result; a finish as long as a cross-country topless ski journey through Siberia.

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