Apple hedrar Robin Williams på iTunes


Apple hedrar Robin Williams med en hel sektion inne på iTunes och skriver:

One of the most beloved and unforgettable performers in the history of show business, Robin Williams brought laughter and inspiration to millions. Throughout a career that spanned five decades, Williams evolved from stand-up comedian to international movie star. Among the great masters of improv, he transfixed audiences with mile-a-minute comic energy. William’s Golden Globe-winning turn in Good Morning, Vietnam demonstrated that his versatile acting talents were equally suited to evoking dramatic complexity. Many of Williams’ most iconic performances – in Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, and his Oscar-winning triumph, Good Will Hunting – where dazzling high-wire acts that left audiences in tears of laughter one minute and tears of poignancy the next. An Emmy and GRAMMY winner as well, Williams was a philanthropist who served as a driving force behind Comic Relief USA, which has raised more than $50 million.